High School Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

YouthBuild Lake County believes that education is a gateway to success. Over 30% of North Chicago students leave high school before graduation, and many find it difficult to thrive in a traditional scholastic setting. The Penn Foster program offered at YouthBuild Lake County enables students to work at their own pace to achieve an accredited high school diploma online.

The introduction of Penn Foster to our students here at YBLC which occurred in 2015 has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of high school graduates which includes 22 from the class of 2017.

Penn Foster combines a variety of interactive learning methods with personal goal-setting, coaching, and support. The high school curriculum consists of 21.5 credit hours that include general education requirements as well as electives. Students choose 5 electives in academic and career subjects based on their individual goals. The Penn Foster program has helped over 60,000 students complete their high school education and move onward to college or careers.

Education does not end with high school diplomas here at YouthBuild; many of our students aspire to continue their education as post-secondary institutions. YBLC helps our students reach this goal by setting them up to take the ACT with our partners at North Chicago Community High School. Throughout the year our students are exposed to college through field trips to Northern Illinois University, Carthage College, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, and the College of Lake County.

To learn more about Penn Foster, please visit www.pennfoster.edu

Come every day. Keep coming even after you get your diploma, because YBLC is still there for you. Don’t take this opportunity for granted because they care.

Jamaica, YBLC alum

Stay dedicated and strive for success. It’s not where you are but where you want to be.

Shemual, YBLC alum

It gets tough, but stick it out with a positive attitude. It will be worth it in the end.

Allison, YBLC alum