Community Service

I’d much rather know I’m helping than think I’m helping. I like to see my hard work paying off for the community


Service is a major pillar holding up the philosophy of YouthBuild Lake County. As part-time AmeriCorps members, all students engage in community service efforts throughout the program year. We encourage our students to make a positive impact on the community by making it safer, smarter, and healthier. As a result, our students are making a positive impact on themselves.

Many of our service projects are done in partnerships with local non-profits and we expand our reach throughout the county. The results of our service are far-reaching – from helping local veterans maintain their farm and cutting down invasive species in local nature preserves to packaging books for underserved families and packaging meals for starving people across the globe.

YouthBuild Lake County students are required to reach 450 hours in order to graduate; and the hours spent on-site during their vocational training count toward this amount. As an added benefit, students that earn 450 hours are eligible for an education award.

The Segal Education Award is made possible by a partnership between the Corporation for National and Community Service AmeriCorps Program and YouthBuild USA. Look for the AmeriCorps logo on our students’ shirts while they’re out improving the community.

Come every day. Keep coming even after you get your diploma, because YBLC is still there for you. Don’t take this opportunity for granted because they care.

Jamaica, YBLC alum

Stay dedicated and strive for success. It’s not where you are but where you want to be.

Shemual, YBLC alum

It gets tough, but stick it out with a positive attitude. It will be worth it in the end.

Allison, YBLC alum