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Our Staff

These wonderful people make it all possible
Christopher Afram
Program Director
Ext 1018
Clay Atchley
Construction Manager
Ext 1013
David Mangus
Grants Manager
Ext 1011
Ellie Torres
AmeriCorps Construction Aide
Ext. 1013
Jennifer Olson
Donor Relations Manager
Ext 1012
Jordan Hoffmann
Education Manager
Ext. 1003
Kashmir McElrath
Career Access Coach
Ext. 1009
LaDena Chisum
Success Coach
Ext 1005
Lynette Yearwood
Finance Director
Ext 1007
Mary Green
Member Services and Operations Manager
Ext. 1010
Patty Lopez
File Clerk
Ext 1030
Pedro Delgado
Construction Site Manager
Sandy Magee
Education Development VISTA
Ext. 1024
Tameka Wilson
Executive Director
Ext 1006

Student Quotes

Come every day. Keep coming even after you get your diploma, because YBLC is still there for you. Don’t take this opportunity for granted because they care.

Jamaica, YBLC alum

Self-presentation gets you in the door, but being goal-oriented gets you to the goal.

Cash, YBLC student/YPC member

Don’t give up. When you get into YouthBuild, that’s your chance to turn your life around, and you need to follow through with it.

Ashaunti, YBLC alum