Affordable Housing

Our students build affordable homes for families, right here in Lake County! Building in our community provides a real sense of pride, and also helps prepare our students for the world of work. Beyond the basic carpentry and construction skills, students learn teamwork, attention to quality and detail, applied mathematics, and safety.

YBLC is a Community Housing Development Organization that builds one to two homes per year for local families. Our students have completed one demolition project and built five new affordable homes in North Chicago. In 2009, we built our first green energy-efficient home — the first in North Chicago. Since 2005, the City of North Chicago has partnered with YBLC to provide lots for our affordable homes. In 2012, YBLC been rehabilitation on our two affordable homes in Zion through a donation by the City of Zion.

In addition, Lake County provides affordable housing construction funding. Our homes are sold through local realtors, and buyers must qualify as low-income and be able to obtain a mortgage. YBLC helps walk buyers through the qualification process.

Our Partners & Affiliates

  • Americorps
  • United Way of Lake County
  • Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
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